Festiwal CUD – oficjalna strona imprezy

Kamila Hortyńska

By background I am a doctor of clinical psychology, psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher and life coach. For over 20 years I’ve been helping people to cope with stress and the pressures of everyday life, teaching them to meditate and live in presence. I continue to provide individual and group sessions as well as meditation retreats and development workshops. However, for the last 7 years I’ve been working much more holistically. In my original unique way, I openly intertwine psychology and therapy with functional medicine and spirituality. I connects the Head with the Body and the Heart; that is, what is earthly, with what is esoteric and spiritual.

 After going through exactly the same path myself, I now inspire others to abandon their mind and follow their heart, open up to new dimensions of their existence and reality, connect with intuition and live according to their soul’s plan – sensing life in presence, joy and pleasure. Since 2004, I’ve been living and working in the UK passionately leading people back to themselves, back to their wholeness

Workshop – How to love yourself fully as a unique and magnificent being.

 I’d like to share with you tips and methods on how to find your way back to yourself. How to change your thinking and fall in love with life and yourself. How to live authentically, joyfully and in harmony with your own Heart. In other words – how to love yourself fully and what does it even mean?

 During this workshop:

  • I want to share with you my own journey from Mind to Heart, from thinking to feeling, from understanding to being and knowing.
  • I want to inspire you to taste the limitless possibilities and pleasures of living in Love, here and now.
  • I want to explain to you what factors and conditions limit your ability to see yourself fully, in all aspects of your existence.
  • I want to remind you of what you are capable of? who you really are? and what is your mission here?
  • But most of all, I want to tell you what you can do in practice today to love yourself fully and allow yourself to go confidently towards your dreams.