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Samuel Alty

Samuel is an award-winning composer, songwriter, actor, music director and educator. Based in Poland since 2011 he has been associated with the Song of the Goat Theatre, Studio Matejka and the Grotowski Institute. He has performed and led workshops internationally and was the receiver of the Best Music Award in Ozdemir Nutku Theatre Awards (Turkey) – 2019. Learning musical instruments came easy to him but the voice did not. From sounding like a “dying cat” he now uses his voice professionally giving concerts, runs vocal workshops, and has released songs that are now played on streaming services, radio and TV.

Warsztat: Voice Ecology (EN)

Voice Ecology formed from joining the lifelong passion for creative expression with the deep concern and need to respond to our climate crisis. When our self-awareness also includes our environment, how does this affect our self-expression? When I sing, is it just me singing, or is all of nature singing through me? 

 Voice Ecology is a vocal training approach that explores our voice as a tool for self-discovery, expression, and connection to nature. It is built on rigorous, playful, and carefully directed improvisation combined with mindfulness exercises and reflection. Voice exploration unlocks tremendous power for play, expression, and discovery – of ourselves and others. It is my belief that we live in a time when people’s true voices are deeply needed to be expressed and heard.